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Inspiring a Life of Professional and Personal P​urpose and Greatness!

Chanelle R. McCloud, M. Ed., the Teacher Wellness Guru

Meet Chanelle McCloud, the Teacher Wellness Guru. She inspires educators to greatness through professional development that’s about them; and it’s done from a teacher’s perspective. In a day and age where we’re practicing a new normal for our schools, some are now getting a sample of what educators experience. But teacher fatigue has been a brewing pandemic long before Covid-19.

Teachers suffer from burnout, stress and not enough time in a day. It’s what Chanelle refers to as “The Elephant in the Classroom,” as she so eloquently presented to a packed house at a Case Western Reserve University TEDx Talk.

She spent more than a decade in the classroom and an additional 5 years in other educational settings. Chanelle serves as CEO of Professional Inspiration, the company she founded 10 years ago that hones in on the source that drives individuals to push harder toward their desired results bringing purpose to the surface. Once that purpose is walked in, she teaches how not to become walked over.

She’s harnessed her skills as a content developer and course facilitator to cultivate curriculum for teachers on the subject of wellness across the country. Chanelle’s accolades include, but are not limited to a bachelor’s degree from Kent State University and a Master’s of Education from Notre Dame College. She’s a two-time “Who’s Who in Black Cleveland” award recipient and adjunct professor at Ashland University. Chanelle is currently working toward attaining her doctorate in education. 

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